900 2LM and 104.3 FM broadcasts news, views, information and talk format, including a mix of music to the target an audience of 35-55 year olds. 

Local presenters cover NSW North Coast issues during Breakfast and Afternoon local programs while 2SM provides a well-recognised, nationally networked program from 9am-12pm with John Laws.

From 4pm Talkin’ Sport hosted by Graeme Hughes, covers state, national and international sport, followed by Talk Overnight from 7pm with Graeme Gilbert.

2LM About Us

The Lismore Radio Licence Area is one of the largest in NSW, with five council areas overlapping the licence area. The total population is over 145,000 and includes 4 state and 2 federal electorates.

The area has a relatively large number of children and teenagers. This is reflected in the high proportion of families with children (over 37% of total families).

The stability of the area is reflected in a high level of home ownership.

25% of the total households have a household income range between $21,000-$41,999 pa; 19% between $42,000-$64,999; and 17% between $65,000-$103,999.

Radio 900 2LM is complying with the LOCAL CONTENT LICENCE CONDITION as defined by ACMA of 3 hours of local content per business day with the broadcasting of its locally hosted and produced program 6am – 9am daily Monday to Friday. For further information, please download the 2LM Local Content Statement . If you have any complaints please download our ‘Commercial Radio Codes Of Practice – Listener Complaint Form‘ then send it back to us at the provided address or fax.

To ensure Radio 900 2LM complies with the Broadcasting Standards Act 2000, we are obliged to disclose any commercial agreements Radio 900 2LM presenters may have.

Radio 900 2LM local presenters have no commercial agreements in place, apart from Neil Marks.

Neil Marks commercial agreements as follows:

Lismore City Council – Councillor – $10 – $20,000

Lismore Speedway – Announcer – $1 – $5,000

Some programs on 2LM are relayed from the Supernetwork group of stations, these can include 2SM, 2HD, 2TM, NEW FM and Radio 97. A register of any agreements these presenters may have can be viewed by visiting 2SM, 2HD, 2TM, NEW FM or Radio 97 Websites.



       RICHMOND VALLEY COUNCIL   www.richmondvalley.nsw.gov.au    Phone: 6660 0300

       LISMORE CITY COUNCIL   www.lismore.nsw.gov.au    Phone: 6625 0500

       BALLINA SHIRE COUNCIL   www.ballina.nsw.gov.au    Phone: 6686 4444

       KYOGLE COUNCIL   www.kyogle.nsw.gov.au    Phone: 6632 1611

       BYRON BAY COUNCIL   www.byron.nsw.gov.au    Phone: 6626 7000

       For information specific to each council, click on the website.