ZZZ Announcers

 Callum Jones

Callum has been in radio since 2002, usually with an iced coffee in hand.  He loves classic cars, motorbikes and animals.  His claim to fame is that he once arm wrestled Vanessa Amorosi and ALMOST won.


Lachlan Copeland

Lachlan is born and bred in the Northern Rivers and you can catch him weekdays from 2pm to 6pm.


ZZZ Announcers



Hannah Kotaidis

Hannah joins our local news room bringing all the latest in the local news.

ZZZ Announcers

Jenny Burgess

Jenny’s a media junkie and has worked in local TV, newspapers and radio.  Originally from Melbourne, she loves the North Coast unequivocally (which is a big news word for ‘totally’).  Apart from all that, she’s a breath of fresh air to have around the office.

ZZZ Announcers

Kyle and Jackie O

Up to date gossip regarding the biggest stars.  Listen Mondays to Fridays for a fun frenzy.